Skills required
  1. Computer skills mandatory
  2. Can speak English and have good communication skills
  3. Sociable enough to work in a team setting
  4. Focus on details of the job but open minded
  5. Can work under pressure
  6. Responsible and follows company rules and regulations



What you will do
  1. Follows up on a weekly basis reports from factories pertaining to critical paths, critical dimensions and use these info to update in the PLM system.
  2. Get information from factories regarding tech schedules – like T2/T3/T4 checking, teardown and mold checking and releases a condense weekly tech schedule report to the commercialization staff, QC and factory.
  3. Regularly updates and maintains commercialization files
  4. Helps follows up laboratory testing reports needed by commercialization for reference like 3.2 whole shoe testing, Prop 65 testing
  5. Other tasks assigned by supervisors.


About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

With a team of extensive experience consultants who always serve clients with more than 100% of dedication and well understanding of Vietnamese market and legislation, Faro Vietnam is committed to providing the practical and compliant human resources advices and solutions to the clients in the professional manner. It is helping clients free mind and free hands in dealing with human resources matters in the frequent change business environment like Vietnam.

We focus on offering four main services, including:

  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Staffing Solution
  • Payroll Administration
  • Human resource Compliance. 







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